Ward – A Carbon Neutral Business

Ward is delighted to announce that it is now carbon neutral against its Scope 1 & 2 emissions, having invested in international offset projects in support of its commitment to a sustainable future.

Ward determined these direct and energy emissions to equate to 429 Tonnes of Carbon Equivalent (tCO2e), primarily from the impact of its vehicle fleet. We believe in supporting and giving back to communities, and the community-based projects we have selected to support have socio-economic, health and welfare benefits, in addition to environmental ones.

The three projects are:

Improved cookstoves in Malawi – these cookstoves replace less efficient technologies and practices, resulting in biomass conservation and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Solar cookers in China – providing clean and reliable energy supply for daily cooking, whilst improving indoor hygiene and the living conditions and quality for rural residents

Wastewater and biogas in Thailand – preventing harm to the climate from methane and avoiding thousands of tonnes of fossil fuel being burnt each year, improving the local air and water quality.

Through offsetting via these projects, Ward are also supporting nine of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about the projects here.

Brian Stroud, S.H.E.Q. Director at Ward, comments “Although we recognise that we still have some way to go in terms of our overall Carbon Reduction journey, it is comforting to know we have taken such a positive step, not only in offsetting our impact on the environment, but also in helping in some way to improve the lives of those in the communities that benefit.”

Managing Director, Kevin Ward, adds “This is another important step for Ward and, as ever is due to the fantastic work and commitment of our team. Becoming a carbon neutral business aligns with our wider company goals, we will always be environmentally conscious and we will continue to drive for a more sustainable future for our people, their families and our planet.”

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