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Supporting Vulnerable Children And Young People – Ward’s Partnership with Forever Manchester

Ward’s partnership with Forever Manchester is providing some interesting insights into some of their projects that support vulnerable children and young people.  Forever Manchester are seeing an increase in applications for funding for this type of project and the feedback they are receiving is really reassuring that this support delivers impact and results.  The fact that community groups can offer this at a really local level means that people can access vital help easily.

Psychotherapy Manchester CIC is a non-profit organisation, based in Bury but who operate across Greater Manchester, who offer low fee/free art therapy sessions for individuals and groups suffering with different mental health problems and in particular children who have a parent in prison, have suffered domestic violence, have been excluded from school due to challenging behaviour amongst others. The group provides art therapy as a way of unlocking and enabling the children and young people to talk about their issues.  Funding was requested to help cover the costs of the therapy sessions, as well as art materials and rent.

Starling is a small charity based in Greater Manchester, based in Droylsden, who aim to provide young neurodivergent people aged 13-25 (including sufferers of autism, dyspraxia and dyslexia) with a space to engage in a range of creative wellbeing activities to reduce social isolation, increase positive mental health and well-being and develop positive support networks. The group is keen to re-engage and deliver their activities and requested funding to support the group’s volunteers in understanding the new Covid safety procedures, as workshops go back to being delivered face-to-face.

Playful Transformations is a community project, based in Crumpsall, Heaton Park and Salford that provides vital wellbeing and mental health support to vulnerable children and young people ages 4 to 16, often from low income families who would not be able to access or afford this kind of support for their children independently. The group focuses on physical play to work with the children and also work with family groups to encourage better parent-child relationships. They requested funding to stock their therapy room with vital therapeutic equipment required during the sessions

Ward are very proud of our partnership with Forever Manchester, but the credit goes to the Forever Manchester team, who continue to deliver ‘amazing’ and impact on communities every day.

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