Ward Security has renewed its Cyber Essentials accreditation following an independent assessment of its IT network and systems.  Cyber Essentials is a quality mark created by the National Cyber Security Centre and a national government standard that demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to cyber security and to maintaining the highest possible standards for its clients.

Ward Security’s annual accreditation proves that it has protected its company, clients and suppliers to the best of its ability from a cyber attack or data breach and that its employees are highly aware of what might constitute a cyber attack.   This year, Ward Security has introduced Knowbe4 to its toolkit for security testing and cyber security awareness training, which takes the management of its IT and cyber security to an even higher level.

Nikhil Kamboj Business Services Director at Ward Security explains “Latest reports show that 91% of the cyber attacks start with a spear phishing email and 92% of the organisations’ biggest security concern is users. As you would expect we have the latest IT Security infrastructure and user access controls in place but in addition we now also conduct internal phishing security tests to identify where training gaps may exist in the business.  This is as important as having the security tools like anti-malware and firewalls; and is an effective way to manage your cyber security risk on an ongoing basis.  For example, as part of our business risk management strategy every IT user and job function in the business has a risk score attributed to it.  By using Knowbe4 to conduct internal security tests we are now closely monitoring and confidently bringing risk scores down through training exercises.”

The importance of gaining the accreditation not only demonstrates that Ward Security continues to strive to be the best security player in the industry but also provides a confidence boost for clients who may be concerned that their suppliers are taking the correct steps to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Kevin Ward, Managing Director of Ward Security said “Unfortunately, cyber crime continues to rise and is one of the biggest threats to come out of the digital age.  As a business it is of key importance to us that we operate as tightly as possible to mitigate and prevent a cyber attack occurring. Hopefully, one of the knock-on effects of us promoting that we believe in and support Cyber Essentials Accreditation is we help raise awareness among our key business connections that there may be a need for action within their businesses.  Ultimately, the more companies that protect themselves the harder it will be for cyber related crimes to occur.”

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