Ward’s continued partnership with Forever Manchester and a look into the recent projects

Ward are incredibly proud of the continued partnership with one of its chosen charities, Forever Manchester, and the great work they do for the community. At Ward, we’re committed to helping the communities where we operate and partnering with Forever Manchester is one way we do this. Forever Manchester raise money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester.

Below are some of the great projects that have benefitted from donations and fundraising efforts:

Little Green Sock Project, based in Urmston, aims to reduce the effects of child poverty in our local area by distributing excellent quality preloved children’s clothing to families who are in financial crisis. To continue with their project, they require storage, shelving, clothes rails and other items to keep the clothing safe and clean.  A dedicated team of volunteers then sort, clean, iron, package and redistribute the clothing to where the need is the greatest in the local community via referral from health/social and 3rd sector referral partners and, more recently, to refugees arriving from Ukraine. The group received funding for shelving and containers to stock clothing.  

Salford Heart Care has been in existence for 34 years and exists to aid the health of elderly residents in Salford through peer-to-peer support and wellbeing activities such as yoga, breathing work and holistic therapies. They applied for funding to contribute to the cost of room hire costs for their two groups enabling us to provide activities such as exercise, holistic therapies, and relaxation with our remaining funds. These activities will encourage existing and new members to attend on a regular basis and will help to improve their health and wellbeing whilst reducing social isolation.

Lancashire Lions operates across Greater Manchester to provide a range of sporting opportunities for their visually impaired members, as well as lots of social opportunities for members and their families, creating a community of support. Due to their conditions many members feel isolated and can struggle with mental health.  Funding was provided to enable the club to offer free transport for 10 weeks allowing members to familiarise themselves with the route so they can then travel by themselves.

Well done to the Forever Manchester team – we’re so pleased we can support and help with these great projects.

If you want to find out more about Forever Manchester, head to their website forevermanchester.com/.

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