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Mesh Fencing: A More Sustainable Option to Traditional Hoarding

The Challenge:
Our client, an international construction and facilities management organisation, utilised single use timber hoarding to secure their sites, a solution that is expensive and susceptible to deterioration due to environmental conditions and being non-recyclable. Timber hoarding also has an unforeseen impact on the ability to effectively secure sites, by restricting natural surveillance from neighbouring properties, concealing intruders from observation once on site.

The Solution:
We approached our client with a new temporary fencing solution – a more sustainable option to traditional hoarding. This innovative product provides sites with the safety and security of a permanent profiled mesh fencing system, but in a temporary installation. The system is quick to install, robust and capable of being used across multiple sites for many years, and being ballast mounted means that there is no need for cement and the dangers associated with dug in fencing, such as cable strikes, are eliminated.

The Benefits:

  • Significantly lower carbon footprint when compared with timber hoarding
  • Ballast bases are 100% recycled
  • Fence panels are 90% Recycled UK and European Steel Fencing
  • Quick to install
  • Robust, with a long product life 
  • 30mm projection to prevent climb over
  • Promotes natural surveillance across sites (CPTED).

The Outcome:
Following the install, it was clear for our client to see the benefits associated with this innovative solution to fencing. Innovation is often dictated by our commitment to sustainability, aligning solutions with the environmental commitments of our clients, adding value where it matters the most. For this client, this solution has notable lowered their carbon footprint across their portfolio. In addition to this, it has also significantly reduced the investment our client had to make on securing their sites.

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