Empty premises such as redundant residential or commercial buildings, storage yards or remote vehicle parks are particularly vulnerable to theft or damage by intruders. Manned guarding may not be cost effective in such cases, and electronic security may be impractical where there is no power supply.

Ward Security can provide solutions to this challenge, including property inspections, Wireless Intruder Detection Systems (WIDS), concrete barriers and steel shutters for the best value protection of vacant property.

Property inspections and audits are generally designed to satisfy the needs of insurance policies, ensure compliance with safety regulations and meet the requirements of industry bodies.

Our experienced inspectors can visit void premises or construction sites to carry out internal and external assessments of the effectiveness of existing barriers and can advise on how to keep your assets protected against theft, sabotage, arson, vandalism and other threats.

We can also conduct inspections for signs of leaks and rubbish as well as extensive checks of fire exits, fire alarm systems and notation of meter readings. Inspection reports, including meter readings and photo evidence, are sent electronically to our office in real time and then forwarded to the client in a choice of format to suit.

WIDS may be purchased outright or hired on a monthly basis. They can be bundled with an Alarm Response Service, regular external patrols and scheduled property inspections, all carried out by our own experienced teams for total peace of mind.



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