Ward Belgravia, our dedicated front-of-house service, offers a range of reception and management services that not only complement your organisation, they integrate seamlessly to deliver real value, delivering a welcoming and professional front-of-house experience for our customers and their visitors.

First impressions count, and our staff deliver the best experience for your organisation, your staff, and visitors. Our expert staff are able to represent your company in person or on the telephone, helping to welcome, direct and advise visitors and customers in a friendly, confident and knowledgeable way.

Launched in 2014, Ward Belgravia was established as a response to growing demand for Ward Security’s front-of-house services. Through Ward Belgravia we are able to give more focus and a stronger strategic direction to our front-of-house offer. As a result, Ward Belgravia sets the standard for front-of-house service delivery.

At Ward Belgravia we listen to our customers, responding to their needs and delivering superior services cost effectively and with flexibility. We are able to tailor the perfect solution to suit your specific requirements.