We provide high-tech security solutions for all areas of security and risk management helping business secure their premises, people and places using the very latest security techniques

We offer a full range of technology based solutions including, Intruder Detection Systems, CCTV systems and stand alone CCTV Towers ideal for temporarily  monitoring sites where there is no mains power available.

Using our expert knowledge, we can design, implement and supply the very best security products and technology-based solutions to suit your business needs.  Alternatively we can assist you in managing your own suppliers to ensure the most appropriate technologies, best service and value. Whichever you choose, one of our Home Office-trained Crime Prevention Design Advisors will ensure total coordination, expert delivery and an installation that meets your needs.





We can also maintain and monitor existing CCTV security systems and other electronic security installations. This is particularly appropriate where we also provide security personnel or other services in order to reduce your logistical and administrative burden.

We support and promote The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012; a statutory Code of Practice for surveillance camera systems and automatic number plate recognition systems. The Act safeguards CCTV security system users, ensuring legal compliance and best practice. We can carry out annual audits to ensure you comply and assist when remedial action is required.

We can even work with architects and designers to ensure the best way for security technology to be integrated into their plans.




We now have a dedicated website where you can find all the information you need about our high tech security solutions.

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