Ward continues to help protect and improve local communities in support of the Living River Foundation

As part of Ward’s ongoing sustainability objectives and drive to support local communities, we are proud to announce that we are supporting the Living River Foundation, a local, not for profit, organisation to help protect and improve the Thames and Medway rivers.

The Living River Foundation run a number of different projects aimed at raising awareness of the impact our way of life has on the environment and how we can change our ways for the better.

We have chosen the Litter Free Maritime project which focuses on eliminating litter in the waterways and local environments across Chatham Maritime. As a service provider for the Chatham Maritime Trust, and with offices overlooking the Medway river at the Historic Dockyard, this project was a good fit for the company.

As part of this commitment, we have also joined the Plastic Free Community network who work collaboratively to free the local community from single-use plastics. By doing this, we pledge to:

1. Work to remove at least three single-use plastic items from our day to day activities
2. Commit to include our stance on single-use plastic in communications.
3. Raise awareness and support plastic free initiatives in the community

Read more about the project here:

Brian Stroud, SHEQ Director at Ward, comments, “Among the community projects we are involved in, we wanted to include a litter free initiative to help improve the local environment in some way. As our office at the Historic Dockyard overlooks the River Medway, the objectives of the Living River Foundation caught our imagination and we look forward to supporting them in their aims to protect the local waterways however best we can.”

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