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Nuclear Races 2021 – Ward Sustainability In Action

Ward Security are proud to have supported 3 causes in the 2021 charity Nuclear Races, aligned with our aim of having meaningful impact for the people and communities in which we operate.  246 children and 140 adults took on this year’s challenge, along with numerous friends and family of all three.

Edie Jackson
Edie Jackson, described as a ‘beautiful Warrior Princess and the bravest girl we know’, lost her 14-month battle with DIPG in January 2021, she is forever seven.  Edie’s Kindness Project’ is a fund aimed at supporting other DIPG families, relieving some of the burden for them and trying to make things a little easier, and of course making them smile – just how Edie would’ve wanted.

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) is a brain tumor that is highly aggressive and difficult to treat.  Sad because she is no longer with us, although the 7 years of beautiful memories we have of her will always live on, but  proud at the life she led and the legacy she left. A big part of this was Edie’s kindness, which shone through above all else. Whether sharing her toys, giving away her clothes, baking her beautiful cakes or biscuits or using her own money to buy people things; she always wants to make others smile. With this in mind, the family wanted to be able to help other families who find themselves faced with the difficulty and devastation of DIPG.

When Seren was born they discovered her Optic Nerves were small leading to a lifelong severe sight impairment as well as a moderate hearing impairment in both ears.  Seren also has other medical conditions including gastro reflux disease which has led to her needing to be fed by a tube and pump directly into her stomach (PEG fed), a sub-mucus cleft palate and a small hole in the heart.

With Seren’s condition her family have been told by doctors they were unable to predict her outcome or quality of life as this could range from severe disabilities to mild learning difficulties – this condition presents differently in everyone diagnosed.

Violet has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information which comes in through the senses. This means that simple everyday tasks such as walking along a street, looking at a book or being in a shop can result in a sensory overload which is extremely overwhelming and distressing for Violet.

Life isn’t easy for Violet. She also has an immune deficiency which means her body doesn’t fight illness and continuously fights against her own body. Violet’s progress over the last 7 years has been fantastic and family and friends continue to see improvements in her communication and social interaction.

Violet is now 14 and attends The Columbus School, a carefully selected special needs school in Chelmsford. Monies raised will continue to fund her sensory treatment and specialist immune/gene therapy with the help of consultants at Harley Street and Germany.

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