My Week at Ward Security

Jae Marston is 17 and has spent a week with our Director of Security, Risk and Mitigation, Paul Barnard at Ward Security finding out about life in a security company and taking part in a week long internship.  Here he describes his experience.

Tell me a bit about yourself

I am a Year 12 student at Knowle Academy.  I am studying Politics, Sociology and Criminology hoping to go on to University to study Criminology.  I wanted to do an internship that was relevant and related to this and just generally get more of an insight into the security industry.

What has your week involved at Ward Security?

The week has been brilliant, a real eye-opener.  I have been involved in meeting clients, taken part in training and learning all about the security industry.  What I now appreciate is that security is not simply about the stereotypical man standing outside a shop front it is much more wide ranging than that.  It has a hugely important role to play in protecting our society.  I have really enjoyed finding out about the youth engagement project that Ward Security is involved in setting up to encourage young people to look at security as a career.

 What have you most enjoyed?

I attended a meeting at the House of Lords where I met Baroness Ruth Henig, President of the Security Institute and learned about her support for the youth engagement project.  I was also lucky enough to have a tour around the House of Lords. I also really enjoyed the e-learning course I took on Project Griffin, I now feel more prepared to know what to do in the event of a terrorism attack.  I had no idea about this beforehand.

What is the key thing you have taken away from your week at Ward Security?

The security sector has a hugely important role in protecting our society and it is potentially an industry where I could have a hugely rewarding career.

Would you recommend an internship at Ward Security to a friend?


What are your career plans?

Well first of all I would like to go to University to study criminology and then who knows maybe work at the Home Office or in the security industry.

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