Age Diversity Day 2021

‘Champion Age Diversity’ Day is a global day celebrating age diversity in the workplace. The day also marks a call to action to not overlook age diversity as part of the diversity and inclusion agenda. A work environment of equal opportunities is an enabled workforce.  The day is to celebrate all age group achievement, raise awareness of barriers and bias, but to also recognise good practice.

Paul Bidwell of Ward Security comments: “I have engaged with The Age Diversity Forum as part of my role as the Age Representative on the Ward INCLUDE Panel. The Forum is the global hub for age diversity in the workplace and is a practical approach to ensure that organisations achieve the benefits and values of an age diverse work-force.

The business case for diversity is more prominent, but unfortunately there continues to be challenges in breaking down barriers of age bias in the employment arena. No industry sector is immune to these challenges.  Ward are raising the awareness of the values and benefits that an age diverse workforce can bring to organisations of all sizes.

For more information on the Age Diversity Forum, visit this link –

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